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Hi: I’m Pete Zimowsky and I’ve been covering the outdoors in

the West for more than 45 years.  My wife, Julie, and I have

traveled from one corner of  the Northwest to the other  photographing

and writing about interesting places. Welcome to the world of the outdoors. Enjoy!


Upper Missouri River float: see link above

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Hiking the Mores

Mountain trail

The Mores Mountain Trail which is about

three miles past Bogus Basin Ski Area,

makes a great summer hike.

When we did it over the weekend,

it was 90 in Boise and 75 on the mountain.

It’s a great place to be on a hot

summer day. Wildflowers are still

blooming up there so take advantage of it.

The trail can be 3-, 2- or 1-mile loops.

Get there by driving past Bogus Basin for 3 miles

up to Shafer Butte Campground.